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IST is the leader in design and manufacture of custom surveillance vehicles, mobile command centers and state-of-the-art surveillance systems to serve tactical intelligence collection in the law enforcement and military communities.





Surveillance and Tracking Vehicles

Compact Mobile Command Centers

Armored Vehicles

Evidence Collection Vehicles

Crime Scene Response Vehicles

Bomb Trucks

Bait Cars

Our vehicles include many configuration options that include:

 Interior and Exterior Cameras

 Interior and Exterior Microphones

 Wireless Monitoring

 IP Technology

 Remote Monitoring/Control via the Internet

 GPS Tracking

 Extended Battery Life

 Superior Comfort

 Excellent Evidence Quality

The Industry Leader Serving Law Enforcement and Military since 1994

International Surveillance Technology

Text Box: Text Box: IST Headquarters
160 SW 12th Avenue, 
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442



Contact IST for photos, detailed specifications or for a customized quote for your agency.

Phone: 888-IST-6599

Email: Sales@TeamIST.net

Text Box: The professional engineers and craftsman at IST take extreme pride in their workmanship and IST is known for exceptional quality and customer service.

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Sole Source Document that details our many exclusive and patented components and features.

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