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Price: $639.00

GSA SIN/Product #: N/A

The following products are available for immediate purchase to any law enforcement or military personnel and will be shipped directly to your location. Call or email IST to place your order.

Includes battery & charger, camera & lens, button disguise kit for camera/lens, USB download to PC, Remote Control, Headphones, MPEG4 format, 128MB Flash Memory:8GB MicroSD Card, Foam-lined Plastic Carrying Case.

Mini DVR Kit

Price: $1095.00

GSA SIN/Product #: N/A

Pre-programmed, Fixed, 1-Channel Bodywire, 9v Battery, Body Wrap, Foam-Padded Plastic Carrying Case.

1-Channel VHF Bodywire Kit

GSA Price: $1979.47

GSA SIN/Product #: 426-4S/GSA-03-70000-00

Discreet 1-way communication to the wearer, ideal for use during interview sessions and many other situations. The kit features; programmable, in-ear receiver, extra batteries & covers, 5-watt hand-held transmitter, charging stand & accessories.

Ear Bud Kit

Price: $4195.00

GSA SIN/Product #: N/A

Includes 250MW Transmitter, 2 Microphones, 1 Rubber Duck Antenna, 1 B&W Button Camera, 1 B&W Camera with 5-50MM lens, 1 Mini-Desktop Tripod, Rechargeable Battery Pack and Charger, Pelican Carrying Case.

Field Agent Microwave Kit

Price: By Item

GSA SIN/Product #: N/A

T-Shirt, Golf Shirt, Windbreaker, Baseball Hat

IST Logo Apparel

Price: By Item

GSA SIN/Product #: N/A

T-Shirt, Golf Shirt, Windbreaker, Baseball Hat

NIA Logo Apparel

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International Surveillance Technology

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GSA Price: $2413.16

GSA SIN/Product #: 426-4S/GSA-03-8027-00

Body-worn transmitter includes; 250 MW output, two audio subcarriers, 1.71.85 GHZ; 2.22.3 GHZ (Other frequencies may be available).

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10-Channel VHF Bodywire Kit

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