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IST Concealments; Fully functional, modern, ubiquitous items


Our robust line of IST Concealments is comprised of fully functional, modern, ubiquitous items that might be found in any hotel, office, car, street, sidewalk, etc. Microwave and IP technology provide excellent quality audio and video capture.

Choose from our existing line or let IST create a custom concealment for your specific mission.

Each of the products used in our concealment line are fully functional as originally intended and are widely available around the world.

IST is the leader in IP Concealments! Contact us today for a full catalog!

Features of our Microwave and IP (Patent Pending #61224578)Concealment Line Include:

̃ IP Models utilize standard WIFI (2.4GHz)

̃ mW models; Video MW Transmitter—250 mW

̃ Hidden Cameras

̃ Fully Functional Original Product

̃ User Programmable Video Channels

̃ Powered from the Standard Power Cord

̃ Two Audio Subcarriers

̃ Stereo Audio

̃ Automatic Level Control (ALC) microphones

̃ Operates from 120VAC to 240VAC, 50-60 Hz

̃ Choice of Color or B&W Cameras

̃ Internal Antenna

̃ Programming Cable and Software Included

̃ Channel select switch is User Accessible

The Industry Leader Serving Law Enforcement and Military since 1994

International Surveillance Technology

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Text Box: Contact IST for a complete description, photos or demonstration of all models and options.