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IST Engineers are unmatched in cutting edge design and quality of Receiver/Recorder systems. Options in size, technology and portability ensure the highest quality, dependability and durability for your evidence collection requirements.

Our exclusive line of Portable Equipment Modules (Receivers/Recorders) includes…


The Industry Leader Serving Law Enforcement and Military since 1994

International Surveillance Technology

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Mini-PEMv3 (m-PEMv3)

IST is the creator and exclusive supplier of the m-PEM (Mini Portable Equipment Module). No other manufacturer of surveillance systems can provide the m-PEM or any comparable functionality in a man-portable case. In addition, no other surveillance vehicle manufacturer can provide a vehicle powered by the m-PEM allowing the use of the electronic surveillance “heart” of the vehicle to operate the IST designed vehicle or away from the vehicle in hotel/motel rooms (hotel kid), office buildings, etc.


Internet PEM (i-PEM)

The gathering of surveillance video is moving from bulky analog systems with extensive cabling to smaller and more portable digital  systems that connect directly to digital networks such as the internet. The iPEM concept is simple and elegant; it provides the ability to interface with the latest IP Digital Cameras while offering backward compatibility with legacy microwave audio & video as well as VHF audio systems used in gathering intelligence or investigative evidence. The iPEM can capture the signals, digitize them and provide the ability to store, catalog, email or retransmit via digital protocols such as WIFI, Broadband Wireless, Internet, and/or self-creating MESH networks. Any protocol can be selected or all can be used simultaneously.



Micro-PEM (u-PEM)

IST has worked closely with our customers to create the new Micro-PEM incorporating the best available technology with robust, dependable, easy-to-use surveillance system. Easy to use 8” pop-up touch screen, integrated DVD disc burner, USB jack for external devices such as memory stick. Internal 500GB 2.5” HDD. Single channel DVR with 300 hour capacity. Microwave, VHF, two 2-watt digital stereo audio for excellent sound quality. Smart Power Management System maximizes battery life. Much more...





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*Gold Medal Winner*

*Gold Medal Winner*